Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to bypass ISA Server and Hide your Connection and IP and disable Result and Connect to Yahoo Messanger !

Do you have
a smart Admin !!!,
a bad company policy !!! ,
a Internet log report that delivered to your manager and log every network activity and you hate this !
get ride of all this :)

my desktop today with ISA server restrection and Internet activity watch .
as you see yahoo is open and the Internet log is empty :);

These are basic instructions to get Yahoo messenger to work with Http-Tunnel without Using a Socksifying
Agent. ex. SocksCap.

Once you have Http-Tunnel installed, run the application, The main window will appear, choose the
configure option. There you will be presented with three ( 3 ) options.
1. Auto Detect. You can test if you want Http-Tunnel to detect your settings.
2. No Proxy, only a firewall if this is appropriate.
3. Specify Proxy, Here you will enter the IP address and Port number of the proxy that you use.
Complete 1 of the 3 options, then click test. The client will connect to the tunnel servers if your settings are

Now you will need to go to connection preferences in Yahoo messenger. Open and Sign out of Yahoo messenger and Click on Messenger and then click on Connection Preferences.

Ok a couple of things about Yahoo Messenger
1. Yahoo Messenger dectects the settings in IE, so if you have IE set-up to use the tunnel and Yahoo Messenger set up to use the ' firewall and no proxy ' settings Yahoo Messenger will not connect.

2. If you use another browser and leave IE in the default settings and have Yahoo in the firewall and no proxy settings Yahoo Messenger will connect.

3. Now this is a really good one and the one we are going to use. This setting was discovered by a Http- Tunnel member ( I hope he reads this guide so he can take the credit for it. )
Ok, if you set up yahoo for localhost ( ) and port 1080 don't use local host nor instead use and viola' it works.
This example will show the latter configuration.

Here we are using the Http Proxy we could have very well used one of the Socks Proxies and Ports for ver4 or ver5 and used the same values that we entered into the Http proxy and Port.
Experimenting will establish what works best for you. Ok, Click apply to save your changes and re-sign in to yahoo messenger.

Here you can see Yahoo Messenger loading through the tunnel using the modified proxy setting of

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Exterminator has Return :Starting Technical sharing for 2007

Hi all i just creat my blogs on google really it is so easy i will start to share my Technical Experience in some Advanced Topics .